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This program emphasizes the watershed and water cycle. Students will learn where our water comes from and ways to conserve this precious resource.


The San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency is a public agency whose mission is to import supplemental water and to protect and enhance local water supplies for use by present and future water users. They sell imported water to local water agencies within the SGPWA service area.

SGPWA is an advocate for the groundwater basins within their service area, including the Beaumont and Cabazon basins as well as lesser groundwater basins. It's their goal to preserve groundwater for current and future generations. In order to do this, they import supplemental water from whatever sources provide the highest quality at the lowest price, including the State Water Project as well as other potential sources.

SGPWA encourages water conservation throughout their service area as a means to stretch our existing resources and help preserve our local groundwater. SGPWA's service area overlaps with IERCD's, and we help them educate the public on water issues so that they understand that water is a limited resource in our region.