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The IERCD is a public agency, headquartered in the City of Redlands and focusing on open space preservation, wildland rehabilitation, and education and outreach to residents within 1,300 square miles of northwestern Riverside and southwestern San Bernardino counties. Governed by a seven-member board of directors who are appointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, IERCD staff members work to carry out the District's mission, both through IERCD-focused projects and through collaboration with a variety of public and private partners.



Our intention is to connect with a diverse group of students and residents to facilitate the learning of natural resources. We strive to foster awareness, mindfulness, and a sense of stewardship for our local environment. 

Facilitation of our accessible education and outreach programs, whether delivered in-person or virtually, is designed to  lead to lifelong positive action for all participants. 

This Conservation Connection hub will remain as a space to house content even after we’ve returned to the classroom.


Join us in conserving our natural resources for tomorrow’s generations


The Natural Resources Team strives to maintain and rehabilitate native habitats throughout the Inland Empire by restoring native plant populations that act as a cornerstone to many species throughout the watershed.


The Community Conservation Team works with private landowners, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and residents to promote the mission of the IERCD. The CCT focuses on three main areas 1.) Supporting local farms, ranches, and forested landowners in building capacity to integrate conservation practices into their land management 2.) Developing partnerships with similar missioned organizations in our immediate region and across the state to affect greater change and further advance the goals and mission of the IERCD 3.) Engaging residents directly in our work through volunteer opportunities, social media, and workshops focusing on natural resources conservation, sustainable agriculture, and forestry.


The purpose of the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District is to promote the understanding that the quality of the environment determines the quality of life. In cooperation with landowners, local, state and federal agencies, the agricultural community, environmental and community groups, we will promote good stewardship of our soil, water and other natural resources. We will provide strong education programs that will encourage today’s youth to accept the responsibility of conserving our natural resources for tomorrow’s generations.

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