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This program emphasizes the watershed and water cycle. Students will learn where our water comes from and ways to conserve this precious resource.

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Water Molecule

This activity brings water molecules up to size (human size!) by physically involving family members in simulating molecular movement in each of water’s physical states (solid, liquid, gas).

Let's Make it Rain

In this lesson, children will conduct a quick experiment on precipitation.


Modeling a Watershed

This activity demonstrates the process of erosion from rain and snowmelt and how stormwater runoff flows down a watershed through storm drains in cities and neighborhoods.

Activities made in collaboration with:

Water Charade

Children will explore the many uses of water by sharing their ideas with the entire family. Children will express their own opinion and also categorize and record the information gathered by the family

Build an Aquifer

Family members as individuals or in pairs, will build their own aquifer and examine the way water infiltrates down into the different underground water collecting zones in an aquifer.

Additional Resources

Virtual Field Trips by Cucamonga Valley Water District

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