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This program emphasizes the watershed and water cycle. Students will learn where our water comes from and ways to conserve this precious resource.


The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District was established by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on January 4, 1932. The District was created to recharge the groundwater basin with native water in order to conserve that water for future use. At that time, the water was primarily for agriculture; today this water is used for agricultural, municipal, and industrial purposes.

Their mission is to ensure recharge of the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin in an environmentally and economically responsible way, using local native surface water to the maximum extent practicable.

They strive to improve the supply and quality of groundwater, balancing such demands with those of land, mineral, and biological resources.


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Build an Aquifer

Family members (as individuals or in pairs) will build their own aquifer and examine the way water infiltrates down into the different underground water collecting zones in an aquifer.


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