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This program emphasizes the watershed and water cycle. Students will learn where our water comes from and ways to conserve this precious resource.

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The Santa Ana Watershed

Watch this video to learn more about the Santa Ana Watershed

Made in collaboration with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District


Activities made in collaboration with:

Build an Aquifer

As a family unit or in pairs, children will build their own aquifer and examine the way water infiltrates down into the different underground water collecting zones in an aquifer.

Groundwater Demonstration

This activity demonstrates how water infiltrates into the ground and how infiltration is impacted through the different types of soil.

Cloud Jars

This activity demonstrates how clouds are formed during the water cycle.

Water Filtration

This activity demonstrates the process of water filtration by giving three different examples on filtering water through different types of soil.

Image by Leópold Kristjánsson

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Additional Resources

Virtual Field Trips by Cucamonga Valley Water District

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