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NRCS Disaster Recovery Grant

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Map of NRCS Area 4

In 2020, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) made funds available
to increase collaboration between Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) and NRCS
offices to allow for delivery of technical assistance to lands impacted by natural disasters within NRCS Area 4. 

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency helping farmers,
ranchers, and forested landowners manage natural resources for the best possible
outcomes. This is done through incentivizing voluntary conservation through provision of
technical assistance and connection to funding programs for participating growers and land
managers. Click here to learn more about these programs and services.

NRCS and the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD) share an overlapping mission to address resource concerns through conservation and wise use of land, water, and related resources. Wildfires and natural disasters continue to affect communities in Southern California and there is an increased need to connect affected landowners to services that NRCS can provide.  This collaborative effort strengthens and increases the participation by private landowners to successfully access and implement programs administered by NRCS that provide for conservation and enhancement of soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources.

In 2020, NRCS awarded the IERCD funding focused on increasing the efficient and effective delivery of technical assistance and connection to financial resources for properties impacted by natural disasters in NRCS – Area 4.

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IERCD staff assisting with sandbag distribution in response to the El Dorado Fire of 2020.

The IERCD and other participating RCDs will: 

  1.  increase outreach to affected landowners and communities affected by natural disasters and wildfire and
  2.  assist in connection to available technical assistance and supplemental funding available through NRCS.

Property owners in Region 4 may be eligible for assistance! Please contact Adrian Poloni at or (909) 379 8684 to initiate discussion and/or a site visit.


Since 2020, IERCD has collaborated with NRCS offices and subcontracted with Resource Conservation Districts in NRCS Region 4 to advance grant deliverables. RCD of Greater San Diego County (RCDGSDC), a subcontracted RCD, was granted funding that been funded since 2021, has reached 349 customers in 11 outreach events, and conducted 11 site visits with NRCS staff in their corresponding service area. Mission RCD is another contracted RCD that since October 2022 has conducted 1 outreach event that reached 120 individuals. The IERCD has conducted 9 outreach events (combination of mailers and meetings) that reached 469 individuals and assisted in 32 site visits.

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