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Native Plant Nursery

Our nursery is located at Huerta del Valle's  Jurupa Valley Glen Avon Park site. It was built over the course of three months in the Fall of 2018.Since then, it has served as an essential resource to IERCD, HdV, and Rivers and Lands Conservancy.

We use the nursery to propagate locally sourced native plants for the projects that our Natural Resource Team manages.

Benefits of locally sourced seed include: increased genetic diversity of native vegetation with traits that are advantageous to local environmental conditions and soil as well as resistance to local plant diseases and potential pests. 

May contain: soil, leaf, plant, potted plant, herbal, herbs, garden, nature, outdoors, agriculture, countryside, and field

Our partners Huerta Del Valle share a portion of the Native Plant Nursery with the IERCD. Huerta Del Valle focuses on propagating produce, which can later be transplanted to community garden plots.

In addition to Huerta Del Valle, a section of the nursery is also shared with Rivers and Lands Conservancy (RLC). Similarly to the IERCD, RLC uses the nursery space to propagate and grow a variety of locally sourced native plants which can later be used for their active restoration projects and volunteer events.

May contain: garden, nature, outdoors, and gardening

Not only does the native plant nursery function as a resource to the Natural Resources Department, it also allows for community engagement and learning through Nursery Volunteer Events; local recurring volunteer events where community participants can learn about native plants in a variety of different life stages, engage in hands-on potting and replanting activities, and learn about the benefits native vegetation provides to the local environment.