Wood Duck Box Installation

Applicant: IERCD


Project Summary: In the Pacific Flyway, 1.9 million acres of Wood Duck habitat has been lost or degraded. At one time, over 900,000 acres of riparian forests existed in California, but the majority of that has been lost today. The disappearing established woody riparian habitat in the Santa Ana Watershed, combined with the drought conditions, has taken its toll on local Wood Duck Populations. 

The IERCD has the opportunity to partner with the Prado Recreation Dog Park in building and installing wood duck boxes through their property. Prado Recreation Dog Park is located in Chino, CA. There are several ponds throughout this property utilized by retriever trainers to train field trial and hunting dogs. These ponds will also serve as great locations for wood duck boxes, given the location's year-round water, nearby riparian habitat, and large areas for foraging within the property.

In addition to providing nesting habitat to Wood Ducks, this project creates a unique opportunity for IERCD to host classrooms and volunteers in the field during annual box prepping and nest checks. These activities provide the public the opportunity to closely interact with wildlife, while participating in a wildlife conservation activity. 


  • 10 Boxes Installed at Prado Recreation to improve Wood Duck Nesting Habitat. 3 additional boxes were donated to Prado Recreation for use within the Prado Basin

  • Great Praise from Prado Recreation and it’s users, and a heightened reputation for the district in the community

  • Placement of a project on the West End of the District

  • Great opportunity to work with IERCD President Paul Williams

  • Improved Wildlife Habitat in the Upper Santa Ana Watershed

  • Partnership with NRCS to provide land owner conservation credits

IERCD Natural Resources Team 

IERCD Board President Paul Williams & Kevin Preparing a Hole for a Duck Box

Installation of a Duck Box

Duck Boxes Were Installed in Prado Recreation Dog Park