Unarmored Three-spine Stickleback (UTS) Land Acquisition


Applicant: San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust


Summary: The Unarmored Three spine Stickleback (UTS) has been federally listed since 1970 and state listed since 1971, as it has been reduced from its former significant southern California geographic range to one that has been limited to the upper Santa Clara River, San Antonio Creek in Santa Barbara County, and Shay Pond in Big Bear City.  


Project work consisted of remittance of the remaining funding needed for acquisition of the 4 acre target property.  This would join adjacent properties under state and public agency ownership including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Big Bear Community Services District.  IERCD funds would be used in the purchase of this property which is eligible for a reduced acquisition cost.

Outcome: Funding was granted toward acquisition of the property to be placed into long-term conservation by virtue of ownership by the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust. This acquisition allowed for the preservation of one of the last three geographic ranges inhabited by the UTS.

Partners: The United States Fish and Wildlife Service & California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Acquisition Map

UTS Species Photo