Increasing Environmental Education within IERCD’s Service Area by UCCE

Educators and Volunteers

Applicant: University of California Cooperative Extension


Project Summary: Special Project Funds were used to hire a part-time UCCE San Bernardino County Environmental Education Coordinator who would implement 4-H/youth development programs in natural resource management and expand adult environmental education programs conducted by our UCCE Master Gardener, Master Food Preserver, and Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP) educators and volunteers.

Methods include familiarizing members of civic clubs and organizations with UCCE programs leading to new collaborations as well as expanding programs and activities with current partners such as: Micah House in North Redlands (after-school programs), Catholic Charities (community garden in San Bernardino), several projects with the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, and seven 'Healthy Communities' cities within IERCD boundaries. 


  • 45 new Master Gardener volunteers from throughout the county completed an 18-week class (syllabus attached) in Redlands, passed mid-term and final exams, and presented talks to their peers on a special area of interest. 

  • 87 previously certified Master Gardeners completed their volunteer requirements, contributing over 9,800 hours (valued at $25/hour totaling nearly $245,000) in activities within the IERCD service area.

  • Master Gardeners staffed public service booths and presented talks focused on sustainable drought-resistant landscapes and growing food in home, community, and school gardens at 32 venues that reached over 15,000 residents within the IERCD service area and over 20,000 county-wide.

  • An advisory committee of UCCE Master Gardeners and IERCD staff met the first Monday of each month at IERCD to discuss current projects within IERCD boundaries and opportunities for new partnerships consistent with the mission of both organizations.  This process proved critical to the overall success of the Special Funds Project.

  • UCCE Environmental Horticulturist and Master Gardener Program Director (San Bernardino and Riverside Counties) Janet Hartin updated ‘toolkits’ for use by Master Gardeners on sustainable drought-tolerant landscaping; growing vegetables in backyard, community, and school gardens; and, therapeutic horticulture.

  • Janet Hartin presented 15 talks to over 3,100 urban foresters, landscapers, parks superintendents, and other public and private ‘green industry’ professionals and 18 talks to over 2,000 adults residing within IERCD boundaries in San Bernardino, Ontario, Montclair, Redlands, Loma Linda, Big Bear, and several other cities.

Chris McDonald Presenting Talk to Land Owners, Arborists, & Pest Control Advisors

Janet Hartin Spoke on the Role of Irrigation Integrated Pest Management to 350 landscapers in San Bernardino

Master Gardener Teaching Plant Propagation Techniques to Cal State San Bernardino Students

Master Gardener Demonstrating Planting Practices

Janet Hartin Teaching an IERCD/UCCE Class on Water Conservation in Loma Linda