Mountain Home Village Tree of Heaven Removal

Applicant: IERCD 


Project Summary: The Mountain Home Village community first began working with the United States Forest Service (USFS) to document locations of invasive Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) within private properties, primarily due to their location immediately adjacent to Forest Service property. The focus on Tree of Heaven resulted from its identification as a rapidly spreading plant, even in the face of ongoing drought, and one providing little to no wildlife benefit in areas where native plants were displaced and out-competed as a result of its presence. 

Treatment and removal work resulting in the treatment of over 600 trees at Mountain Home Village began in 2016. Project results were praised by Mountain Home Village residents.

IERCD continues to work with homeowners, USFS, and other property owners in the area to combat Tree of Heaven Proliferation. In the future, IERCD would also like to expand the scope of this project to include the Oak Glen area, where a small population of Tree of Heaven has been identified in the surrounding drainage. 


  • Tree removals took place on February 21st to March 2nd

  • On November 1st, IERCD ecologists conducted follow-up treatments where tree of heaven was previously treated and removed.

  • An additional 1250 medium and large trees were treated in the MHV Community.

Basel Bark treatment on Large Tree of Heaven