Sapling Nursery Restoration

Applicant: Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF)


Project Summary: Due to a detection of Phytophthora, the Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF) wants to prevent a local outbreak of this deadly species and to keep its Mountaintop Ranger Station plant nursery functioning at a high level. Phytothera is a deadly spore responsible for the death of a multitude of forest shrub and tree species. The SCMF needed to properly dispose of contaminated plants and pots, re-test for positive results, and conduct upgrades to prevent future outbreaks. These upgrades include converting the subfloor and driveway from gravel to a concrete slab (to prevent contaminated soil-earth contact and to improve the ability to sterilize work surfaces), to install concrete containment areas for new and used soil, to purchase an industrial soil sterilizer, replace pots, and to build a plant incubator (to be able to easily test future samples). 


  • The Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF) with the help of the San Bernardino National Forest (SBNF) has been working with SBNF engineers to design American Disability Act (ADA) compatible concrete pathways to be installed by contractors in and around the Big Bear Ranger Station native plant nursery to prevent the future spread of Phytothera disease. 

  • SCMF worked with partners to obtain donated concrete from Mitsubishi/Robertson’s and has kept them updated on designs, costs, and timelines.

  • SCMF and SBNF met with contractors to get bids to oversee pouring of concrete and constructing concrete forms. After much debate and research, the first concrete pour is set to occur on July 9, 2018.

  • SCMF Urban Conservation Corps (UCC) and SBNF staff has continued work to remove existing (potentially infected soil) around the nursery compound and fix and rebuild retaining walls to prevent soil contact with potted materials.

Wash Tubs, Boot Sterilization, & Greenhouse Sterilization

Concrete Block Retaining Wall to keep Native Soil From Contaminating Soil Mixing Zone

Native Plant Nursery Brick Wall Construction & Contaminated Soil Removal 

USFS Staff Meeting With Concrete Contractor to Lay Out Walkways

Healthy Trees Newly Transplanted in Decontaminated Zone