Big Bear Habitat Protection and Restoration Project

Applicant: San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust (SBMLT)


Project Summary: Implement habitat protection and restoration on the Metcalf Meadow and Pebble Plain properties: 


  • Metcalf Meadow Project: Big Bear Valley has lost significant portions of its original meadow habitat, beginning in the late 1880's with the construction of a dam to form Big Bear Lake. Since inundation of the valley, meadow habitat in the San Bernardino Mountains has been reduced to small disconnected remnants in the Big Bear and Baldwin Lake areas, as well as small outlier meadows in the surroundings San Bernardino national Forest. The pedate checker-mallow, California taraxacum, and San Bernardino bluegrass are endangered by continued loss and degradation of meadow habitat, particularly on private land. 



  • 25 pickup truck loads of trash removed from the Pebble Plain Reserve 

  • 65 tires removed from the Pebble Plain Reserve and recycled by the Southern California Mountains Foundation.

  • Installed 3 signs at Metcalf Meadow

  • Installed 15 signs at the Pebble Plain Reserve

  • Installed 3 Kiosk's at the Pebble Plain Reserve

  • Established 3 new trailheads and constructed over two miles of non-motorized trails at the Pebble Plain Reserve

  • Planted native Jeffrey Pines at the Klamath Trailhead in the Pebble Pain Reserve

Post & Cable Fence Installed on North Boundary of Pebble Plain Reserve

Dead Dark Beetle Infested Tree Taken Down & Removed

New Signs