Rain Barrel Distribution Project

Applicant: IERCD

Summary: Storms and heavy rainfall periods have the potential to generate hundreds of gallons of storm water that can be recaptured by the use of rain barrels. In response to ongoing drought conditions, the IERCD generated a local distribution list of over 50 local residents interested in owning a rain barrel. The District then worked with water providers to ensure that local residents had access to the program. Residents received barrels and additional information on care, maintenance and use of rain barrels at their homes. The program generated significant interest, and IERCD responded with additional barrel distribution to interested residents.

Outcome: Over 75 rain barrels distributed to residents within our district allowing for the capture of thousands of gallons of water for use during dryer periods.

Partners: University of Redlands Interns

Fun Fact: It takes only one inch of rain falling on a typical 1,500 square foot roof to generate approximately 1,000 gallons of runoff. Annual rainfall in the Inland Empire ranges from 5 - 20 inches depending on where you live (residents at higher elevations generally receive higher amounts of rainfall).  

This means that in one year, your roof alone could shed between 5,000 to 20,000 gallons of water as runoff!