Pebble Plain Acquisition Assistance

Applicant: San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust (SBMLT)

Summary: The IERCD has been involved in the preservation of the rare pebble plain habitat endemic to the Big Bear Valley since 2010 when first asked to join the multi-entity land acquisition/conservation working group. The working group contains representation from many public and private entities, and works to acquire and protect pebble plain habitat through development of passive recreational and educational opportunities associated with its protection.

Project work at this point consisted of remittance of the remaining funding needed for acquisition of the 240 acre target property, known as the Sawmill Canyon Pebble Plain. The property joined adjacent properties under federal and non-profit ownership including 302 acres controlled by the United States Forest Service and 166 acres controlled by the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust. IERCD funds were added to $2.5 million secured from the Wildlife Conservation Board for acquisition.

Outcome: 240 acres of valuable Pebble Plains habitat protected

Partners: San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust (SBMLT), United States Forest Service (USFS), and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Pebble Plain Species

Pebble Plain Bitterroot