Huerta del Valle Community Garden

Applicant: Huerta Del Valle


Project Summary: Huerta Del Valle, a 2.5 acre non-profit urban farm organization, strives to educate the public about conservation, sustainable agriculture, and nutrition, using their community garden as a tool. In addition to educating the general public about home gardening and sustainability, HdV would like to facilitate the growth of a local food system by providing new farmer trainings to encourage the development of “urban farmers”. In order to provide these services, HdV requested assistance to hire two part-time Community Education Coordinators to carry out the programming and expand their mission. The responsibilities of these positions would include:

1.       Facilitating five new programs focusing on sustainable agriculture, conservation, and nutrition (see timeline for description of programs)

2.      Recruiting participants for these programs

3.       Keeping track of participation and evaluating learning outcomes

4.      Developing a database of local educators who can be utilized as instructors for the programs within the areas of nutrition, conservation, culinary arts, farming, gardening, food preservation, environmental stewardship, and more

5.       Developing a Huerta Del Valle membership base to ultimately fund the position and associated programming

6.      Partnering with the IERCD to provide in school programming, develop school gardens, and provide presentations to adult groups on gardening, water conservation, healthy soils, and more

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