School Garden Uplift

 Applicant: Dorothy Grant Elementary Garden (Fontana Unified School District) 


Project Summary: Dorothy Grant Elementary presented a proposal for the rejuvenation of their current school garden. The school already has areas where they can grow vegetables, areas to sit and read, and barren areas that require care and updating. They would like to add shade sails and drought resistant plants to revive the area. Grant Elementary required soil, mulch, and funds in order to invest in plants and materials required to maintain the garden. In addition, they currently have a gardening club and have between 20-40 students ready to help out and three teachers who are willing to run the program. 


  • Enriched some of the soil by adding steer manure.

  • Took apart succulent bushes to propagate them and expand the garden.

  • Planted seeds and will transplant those once conditions are ideal.

  • Three teachers were involved with the garden have been taking their students to the garden to remove weeds and prepare the soil for spring planting.

  • The PTA continuously donated flowers and seeds and tools.

Before the Garden Modification

Plants Used for the Garden

Finished Product