Bear Tech and University of Redlands Internship Programs Support 

Applicant: Big Bear Valley Education Corporation (Ed Trust)


Project Summary: The Big Bear Valley Education Trust (BBVET) requested funds to further the Bear Tech (I) and University of Redlands Internship (II) Programs. Funds for the Bear Tech program were used to hire a temporary, part-time curriculum writer. In addition, funds for the University of Redlands Internship Program include supplies to help them monitor and manage the study area and train Big Bear Valley High School students in the practices.


  • Students had the opportunity to visit Snow Summit and meet its staff to discuss snow making and monitoring methods in preparation for creating their own miniature machines for display at BVUSD STEAM Night. Demonstrations helped students better understand the process of snow-making and scientific experiment methodology.

  • BBVET met with staff from Big Bear Elementary School to foster future program development

  • BBVET staff met with staff from Big Bear Municipal Water District to begin planning and implementing collaborative projects including Trout in the Classroom. Following the meeting 5th and 6th Grade students embarked on a 'science excursion' field trip to the District to learn about Big Bear Lake and aquatic ecosystem health.

Students Visiting Snow Summit